Megan May: Fitness Trainer, Mom and Her Experience on American Ninja Warrior


I have been in the world of fitness for over 20 years! From coaching competitive gymnastics, to training athletes for bodybuilding and figure competitions, to coaching at CrossFit gyms in multiple cities even overseas, to now running beach boot camps and private sessions in my little surf town in Puerto Rico.

The location and the people change, but for me, the magic fitness can bring doesn’t. Nothing brings me greater joy than guiding and motivating people to discover their inner strength and realize their potential. Fitness is a great tool for this and when you get a group of people together, pushing towards a similar goal, the magic is magnified. It is true, there is strength in numbers! Energy is contagious, especially when it’s positive!


It’s easy as a mom to tell yourself that you don’t have time to exercise. I totally get it. Some days I pray for extra hours to be added to the day, so I can fit everything in! Exercise should be one of the last things to get knocked off your schedule. We all know that exercising regularly helps keep us healthy, and gives us more strength and energy to keep up with our little wildlings. To help you be the best mom you strive to be, commit to regular exercise and activity. 

Get creative. Exercise doesn’t have to always look like a trip to the gym or taking a class somewhere. It can be small mini workouts done throughout the day wherever you are. For example, you could decide to accumulate 100 squats and 100 push ups each day. Whenever you have a free minute, do 10 squats and 10 push ups. One of my favorites is to set an interval timer while I’m doing my house chores, so that every few minutes I have to stop what I’m doing and do a set of a chosen exercise. You’d be surprised how accomplished you feel after 45 min of house chores and exercise sets.

Make fitness a family activity. Instead of watching television together, go for a family walk or make a trip to hike somewhere new. Grab a ball and play a family game. You will get quality time with your kids with the benefits of being outside, while instilling in a good foundation the importance of being active.


After having a new baby, the best way to get back into shape is to just start moving. Begin by going on walks with your baby as soon as your body lets you. Just getting outside, soaking up some fresh air and juicy vitamin D from the sun, while getting your heart rate up and breaking a little sweat. This will kick start your postpartum recovery physically and mentally. As your body starts feeling stronger, start by adding in bodyweight movements on these walks. Grab a friend to join you and help you stay accountable.

For me, I found the best time to get in workouts is while my baby is sleeping or playing on a mat beside me. The latter worked until she started crawling and climbing everywhere! Now I just have to get up at 5am and/or elicit some help from dad.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to compete on American Ninja Warrior. To be honest, I was pretty terrified of the whole experience. Since it was a very unexpected and last minute invite, I felt I was ill prepared to complete the course. Not to mention, it was being filmed and I might end up on TV! The amazing support of my husband and my close friends gave me the confidence to accept the challenge and meet it head on. I trained very hard in the few short weeks. I resolved to give it my all but most of all to have fun and enjoy the experience. I didn’t make it to the warp wall that day, but the experience will be something I remember forever. 


I’ve been with NF Sports for a few years now as I believe in clean and natural ingredients when it comes to what I put in my body.

My all-time favorite is the NutriWhey protein. I go between all the flavors, but vanilla is currently my favorite. It's mango season here in Puerto Rico, and there's nothing more delicious than a vanilla smoothie with mangos fresh from the tree in my backyard. 
My new favorite is Immune Defense. Anytime anyone in my house has the slightest sign of sickness creeping in, we all start downing this. Even my little son loves it!
Before pregnancy and breastfeeding, I really liked using Natural Burn after lunch to combat my mid-afternoon energy dip. 

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