Meet Jesús David Sandoval Guirales of Medellín, Colombia 

A nutritional advisor, fitness coach and professional model, I'm also the Mister Colombia 2022-2023 and a natural bodybuilder champion in different circuits. 

Jesus’ Background & Fitness Motivation:  

Well, I have been a sports guy all my life, I started playing basketball when I was 13 years old  but as the years passed, I enjoyed the gym most.  So, after 2020 (year of pandemic) I decided to work in what I really love, which is nutrition, fitness, physical training, etc… and also compete in bodybuilding because I fell in love with the sport. That’s when I also started my career in modeling. 

Since I made that decision everything has changed for me. For many reasons, I only wanted to be at the top of whatever I dedicated myself to, so I started competing in different events in bodybuilding, the last two of which I was the champion.In the same year, because my career in modeling was going well, I participated in the Mister Colombia and won. (By the way, I like to study a lot, so at the same time I was competing and modeling; I became a certified professional trainer and nutritionist. 

“My work is not done. It’s a journey. My motivation in fitness has always been to be an international champion in bodybuilding, so I have a lot of work to do. “

Key points in your life of triumph or struggle. This is an opportunity to share something known or lesser known... and can be relatable to include perhaps a personal and mental strength message you can share.

Personal, Physical & Mental Strength

Well, I think that the key point of my success has been my discipline, my love and my passion. I think that those three pillars are important to achieve happiness and success. I enjoy my life and I'm ready to work through everything in order to achieve my goals.

A Day In My Fit & Healthy Life

Everything is calm for now. I'm just getting prepared for the events that are coming next year, which are a natural bodybuilding competition in Spain and an international modeling contest in Poland.  I'm preparing myself by increasing my weight, getting stronger and getting in the condition needed to dominate and win. 

How I Train

I train with the latest discoveries of science and with the highest intensity I can manage.

I used to workout for two days then rest one.  Previously I would workout 6 days per week.  My favorite exercises are; Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press and Military Press. I also love basketball and soccer, and I like to run a lot. 

How I Rest, Relax & Recover

I used to read and study when I had to recover, but of course what I like most is sleep.

10 Interesting Things About Jesus 

  1. I know 3 languages. 
  2. I like to compete in car racing. 
  3. I have visited more than 5 countries so I have friends around the world. 
  4. I'm very good at dancing. 
  5. I'm very good at business 
  6. I enjoy public appearances  
  7. I wanted to study 3 careers: medicine, nutrition, music. 
  8. I understand dogs very well…
  9. I learn a bit slowly but I'm very good once I know the material. 
  10. I play the guitar, the drums, and sing a bit. 

Nutrition Tips:

  1. The most important supplements for me are Multivitamins, Creatine and protein shakes. 
  2. To improve protein absorption you have to take it with food, not alone. 
  3. The best diet is the one that you can stick to for months. 
  4. Try rice with strawberry jam, it is deliciousness. 
  5. Drink at least 3 liters of water daily

Jesus’ Favorite NF Sports Products:

Prime XD: The testosterone booster, Natural Burn and WODPak 

I love all three, but for me the most important and the best is the WODPak because it provides all of the vitamins and minerals that are needed to have the best sports development and wellness.


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