All Nutrients You Need Within One Daily Packet
Cover all your nutrient needs and more in a once-daily convenient packet

  • Complete Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral
  • Full serving of Omega-3 Fish oil
  • High Orac Antioxidant Reds Richberry™


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“Excellent multivitamin

The multivitamin seems to have high-quality fish oil supplements and other vitamins. I have noticed an overall improvement in my health since I started supplementing with this vitamin.

Brian Spooner

Expert in Fitness & Training for 10 Months

National Academy of Sports Medicine - NASM



    With a full serving of Omega-3 fish oil per serving


    The multivitamin formula in WODpak provides you with the levels of nutrients essential for optimal performance


    Feel and look younger with the anti-oxidant benefits of RichBerry


    Vitamin D3 has been shown to support a healthy immune system

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This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The Vitamins, Minerals, And Nutrients You Need To Perform At Your Best And Support Your Health And Wellness.

Beyond your basic multi-vitamin, WODPAK provides you with high levels of essential vitamins, along with a complete multi-mineral and vitamin K2, high ORAC antioxidant RichBerry, and high potency fish oil.

Conveniently packaged in easy-to-carry individual packets, WODPAK gives you the flexibility to carry your essential vitamins with you - wherever life takes you.

As research on optimal nutrition intake presses forward,

active individuals are finding that their recommended intake of key vitamins is greater than what can be found in a common multi. Their need for vitamins like zinc and vitamin D are far higher than what is available in most multis, and vitamins like K2 are usually nowhere to be found. In addition, nutritionists are now recommending active individuals supplement with Omega 3’s, and that they increase their intake of fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant benefits in addition to their vitamin and fiber content.



Packed with essential vitamins like A, C, E, K, B6, B12 and more.


Calcium to help your body maintain and build bones. Vitamin K2 to protect your heart and bone health.


Shown to improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation and slow aging.


Increases immune system function, supports eye health and shown to reduce triglycerides.


Strengthens bones, improves muscle function and helps to boost weight loss.

Andrew D.

WODPaks have all the scientifically proven vitamins and minerals to be healthy and improve performance. It is all in one pack! No buying 5 different bottles from different venders, and making your own. This is ab effective, convenient and cost effective solution.

Alex S.

Quick shipping, and the product is packaged for easy use! I've been using them for a few weeks, so it's hard to give a long term assessment, but so f....

Annaminh B.

I love that I have it all in one pack, I always used to forget to take one or the other, but not any more!

Shane S.

No complaints! Love it!

Jonathan K.

Working great for CrossFit grinding

Scott F.

The wod paks are the best bang for you buck in my opinion. I will continue with my subscription definitely. Thank you for the great customer service as well!

Joe S.

Works great a week in feel like a new person never taken vitamins before these

Nick M.

Fantastic product and company!

Rubin M.

The wodpak is great! I love the convenience.

David A.

Convenient and easy to swallow. Excellent profile.

Jarett L.

I can tell a difference with the variety in this pack compared to just taking a multivitamin

Chris M.

Outstanding product, not even a bad aftertaste from the fish oil. Love it.

Phillip G.

So far so good! I really like them

Thomas F.

With in a couple of days noticed a positive change in how I was feeling and recovering 👍

Jamie D.

Been waiting for a bit, for this product to become available again

David S.

Makes my body feel like happiness!!!

Brian D.

Forget the multi-vitamins, take the WODPAK.

Benjamin H.

I love these vitamin packs!!! I just feel better overall since I have been taking them. I'm glad I signed up for the subscription.

Beau P.

Love your product. Wish I could afford them all!

Braxton W.

I start every morning with breakfast and a WODPak. There's no doubt that this product is the reason I recover so quickly after each workout and the reason I wake up each morning feeling as good as I do. Plus, the pre-sealed packs make it incredibly easy to bring when I travel! There aren't many products that I would give my personal seal of approval, but the WODPak from NF Sports is one of them.

Justin G.

It's so hard to tell if vitamins are doing what they are supposed to do. Yes viramins are a (supplement) meaning, they are supplementing something in my diet. I like to think of these vitamins as an insurance plan for my body. I also feel like the quality surpasses my previous vitamins by a high margin.

Javier a. L.

One word, awesome.

Elvis M.

Excited to be apart of this team!

Zack J.

Great quality.
Easy to use!

Andrew C.

I loved everything. Customer service to the buying process. Will highly recommend to friends

Steve P.

Training with WODPak just isn't even fair!

Jamal S.

Amazing product on my third box. I feel amazing!

August F.

Awesome experience so far! Feeling refreshed, restored, healthy, and energetic! Really have to give lots of credit to the customer service at NF Sports, they truly make the purchase experience so much more enjoyable. They even threw in a free bottle of Omega 3 after my 3rd purchase :) I'm a fan! Definitely going to keep using this product for a while!

Briant M.

I'm love this product, but the problem is that it's the one product that is out of stock the most.

Brian D.

Forget the multi-vitamins, take the WODPAK.

Tommy B.

Love this product

Justin G.

i just received my NF Sports products. Honestly, it's too early to say how effective the products will be or how much I'll like them, although everything that I have seen so far leads me to believe that I'll be totally satisfied.

The main compliment that I can offer is with Customer Service. After submitting the order, I realized that I had some questions and second thoughts. Customer Service was friendly and helpful. But Customer Service also went out of its way to make sure that I felt welcomed into the NF Sports Family. That alone goes a long way!

Scott F.

Great supplements at a great price! I just wish there was co-q10 in there but not a deal breaker.

Richard page P.

Just started to take it daily. I especially liked the hand written welcome/thank you note and complimentary bcaa sample. Very classy touch! Even if I didn’t like the supplement, which I do, I would order another product again just because of the note. Great touch and much appreciated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should be taken with food, preferably your largest meal of the day

Standard dosage is for one pack daily, but those undergoing high intensity training may take up to 2 packs per day

No, WOD-pak contains Omega-3 from fish oil

No, WOD-pak provides you with a full spectrum multi-vitamin, as well as Omega-3, calcium/magnesium and a high ORAC antioxidant berry blend
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